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OQube is a computer services company, founded in 2006 by Arnaud Bailly, specializing in software engineering and especially in the quality of development and improvement of the production process.

OQube offers a range of services including the common denominators are: improving the quality of software products in the context of distributed information the use of open systems technologies: free software, languages ​​and standardized technologies the practical implementation of best principles of development; engineering model-driven, agile development, object-oriented design innovation and constant search of the best tools, techniques and concepts

This site contains: notes and short articles on news or interesting topics OQube activity; Articles and whitepapers published or not having research and development or further technical analyzes; tutorials and lecture notes; free projects past, present or future.

*That is what this website was about years ago. It is no longer about those things or owned by the same owners.